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OCs Reference Sheet by HoshiNoDestiny OCs Reference Sheet by HoshiNoDestiny
From left to right

Age: 23 years old.
Date of birth: It's his secret. Actually, it's October the 31st.
Height: 198 cm.
Job: Pub owner.
Personality: He's a narcissistic and self-absorbed man, who cares only about himself. He's greedy and loves luxury and women: in fact, he enjoys flirting with nearly every woman he meets, still, he doesn't want to be involved in any kind of relationship and had never had a serious one.
He's a compulsive liar, who nearly never tells the truth, he lies to look cooler, or just to get out from an awkward situation, it's pretty hard to find if he's saying the truth or not.
He's hypochondriac and has a maniacal care for cleanness, he washes his hands thousands times a day and even a small cut or a cold are enough to make him think he's dying.
Despite all this, he's far from the stereotype of the handsome but stupid guy, in fact, he's very sly and he's able to manage nearly every situation without losing control.
Voice actor: Luca Semeraro. [link]
Theme: King of the North - [link]
Character song: Jorn - I walk alone. [link]

Age: 15 years old.
Date of birth: December the 22nd.
Height: 152 cm.
Job: Middle school student (Japanese school system; last year).
Personality: She's a calm, cold-blooded and nearly cynic girl, who rarely lose control; there's nothing that bothers her and she claims to not being afraid of anything (which is not true, since she's actually claustrophobic and afraid of dogs). She doesn't really worry about anything and rarely takes things seriously, it seems like she doesn't care even about her own life (as she said, we all have to die, sooner or later, so, why worrying?).
She's sarcastic and makes fun of everyone and everything. She doesn't like noisy places, while she enjoys quiet, so that she can take care of her plants, or play videogames. She doesn't mind other people's company, but doesn't look for it.
Sometimes, it feels like she doesn't have feelings... that's not true, but it's surely had to notice her mood or understand what she's thinking. However, she still has a great curiosity towards the world.
Voice actor: Letizia Ciampa. [link]
Theme: The Blood of Cuchulain - [link]
Character song: Ari Koivunen - Stormwind. [link]

Age: 17 years old.
Date of birth: January the 20th.
Height: 163 cm.
Job: High school student (Italian school system; 3rd year).
Personality: It must be said, she's pretty much a crybaby. She's shy and insecure, easily loses control; she hates having people around, since she is embarrassed for everything and nearly isn't able to speak (when dealing with someone she doesn't know, she stutters). The best for her would be to stay alone with her books, or even just with a piece of paper and a pen; she's something we could call a 'creative' and she dreams of becoming a writer.
She's nearly obsessed with recurring numbers and coincidences, but she will never admit she sees in it something like fate or destiny, in fact she's a skeptic who believes that everything can be solved using reason, but, still, she's convinced that "everything we can think of exist." (From Parmenides’s concepts of existence) She has a deep love for philosophy, especially Socrates and Plato, or the Renaissance's ones, such as Galilei.
Voice actor: Marzia dal Fabbro. [link]
Theme: Symphonic Suite DEVIL Second Movement i-AM - [link]
Character song: Sonata Arctica - Paid in full. [link]

Age: 16 years old.
Date of birth: May the 1st.
Height: 176 cm.
Job: Mechanic.
Personality: He’s an happy-go-lucky, carefree guy. He’s outgoing and talkative, it doesn’t take him much to start talking to complete strangers and feels comfortable when he’s surrounded by people.
He left school after graduating from junior high and now he works with his father in their family’s workshop; in his free time, he enjoys swimming and playing with his band (he’s the main vocalist and bassist). He likes almost every kind of music, but his favorites above all are surely Rock and Power Metal, or every song with really powerful lyrics and vocals.
He loves animals, he owns a bunny, but keeps bringing home all the strays he founds (his parents aren’t very happy about this…). He’s also part of various environmental groups (such as Greenpeace).
Voice actor: Massimiliano Alto. [link]
Theme: The name of Life - [link]
Character song: Elton John - Without questions. [link]

Age: 19 years old.
Date of birth: August the 28th.
Height: 187 cm.
Job: University student (Attends university in Italy; first year of Classic literature)
Personality: Apparently a cold and stubborn guy, he's really touchy and short-tempered, he gets mad easily and often starts screaming for no reason. Actually, however, he's reserved, hates to talk with strangers and he's very insecure too. He's afraid to look weak in front of others, in fact, he believes he has to act like he's some kind of strong and tough man in order to be accepted, but when he tries, he's a complete failure, so he prefer to avoid contact.
He usually spends most of his time (trying to) study, but he doesn't have good grades; in the free time he enjoys reading or practice in fencing, sometimes he goes out with Selene and Hai.
He has a terrible relationship with his family (with what's left of it) so that he tries to avoid it every time he can; he's orphan and still lives with his tutors, the only one with whose company enjoys is his sister.
Voice actor: Stefano Crescentini. [link]
Theme: Luna - [link]
Character song: Sonata Arctica - Black sheep. [link]

Age: Claims to be 22, however, she must be way older.
Date of birth: Unknown.
Height: 160 cm.
Job: Lawyer.
Personality: Terrible woman, cruel, violent and heartless.
Easily pissed, gets angry and start screaming for apparently no reason; she pretends to command everything and everyone, and won’t accept anything if not done as she wants.
She keeps everything tidy and in perfect order, messy rooms are her worst nightmare, she really can’t stand them and has the need to arrange everything in it.
She works as a lawyer and she’s really good at it: she’s great when it comes to persuade people and she can handle almost any situation in court. She has a great memory, she can remember almost everything she reads (she knows the whole Hell of the Divine Comedy); she loves classical arts and Italian literature, it may sounds strange, but she really loves many Italian poets like Dante and Petrarca.
Voice actor: Chiara Colizzi. [link]
Theme: Symphonic Suite DEVIL Third Movement eXORCiST - [link]
Character song: Queen - Killer Queen. [link]


Here you can see separate pictures of each one of them: [link]
Color palettes: [link]
And look here if you want to keep in touch with any updates (I'll do some alternative outfits): [link]

Do you remember when Wendi was one of the main characters and Xavier was just a secondary one? Because I don't :'''''D

Art | Character © ~HoshinoDestiny
You're not allowed to redistribuite, use or editr my work without my permission.

Seriously, don't even try to copy/trace/recolor my Ocs, or I'll start biting
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